Believe it or not there is apparently a lot more to think about when feeding leftovers to our furry friends than we may have realized.

Two big common-knowledge no-nos to remember are alcoholic beverages and chocolate, but I got a text message from my wonderful dog trainer Becca Miller today to share some pet food wisdom this holiday.

I was very surprised to see things like turkey skin and pumpkin pie on her list! So take heed, there are simple things you may not realize that wave a red flag when it comes to sharing Thanksgiving with Fido according to a variety of sources that I double-checked (you can follow this link for more from Care 2.).

Foods To Avoid For Your Dog Include:

Turkey skin, Stuffing and Gravy

Anything with nutmeg like pumpkin pie

Onions and garlic are also toxic for pets

Cooked Bones

Raw dough

Sage is another herb that you can't give a dog

Fruit salad, especially grapes are big trouble for your dog.

Cinnamon can be very toxic as well.

Even green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce can be a big problem for dogs!

Best advice is to focus on simple ingredients and safe things that you know aren't seasoned up for the holiday.

Here is Becca's advice for good food ideas for your furry friend:

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes in moderation are wonderful. Full of healthy fiber and potassium. It’s all a great chew for dogs. It’s not really needed to peel or cut either item. Just wash well.
Another good food is green beans they're HIGH in fiber. It’ll help your pup feel full and not feel the need to scrounge so much for scraps.
Carrots are a fun treat. Dogs tend to love the satisfying crunch they have! No need to peel them either again just wash them. They are also loaded with beta-carotene, which helps with healthy skin and good eye health.
For a fun little treat cut up some apples and freeze them in plain Greek yogurt. Plain apples help clean up your dogs teeth and even helps freshen their breath.

A very important thing to remember dogs are Opportunist Carnivores they will eat what they can if the opportunity arises. Leave food waste such and onion scraps or excess season in the sink or put them in a trash can where dogs cannot reach.
Keep your pets tags on and make sure they’re micro-chipped this holiday season. With many people going in and out of the house there are many opportunities for your pup to dart out the back gate or front door.
Normally raw meat is safe for dogs and uncooked bones are recommended for your dog. The big thing to remember is most turkeys that are store bought contain a spice, salt and water mix in the turkey. These can be dangerous for dogs. Check your turkey package for the sodium content of your turkey before handing a piece to your pet. Many raw food companies will sell turkey safe for your pets if you want to include them on the festivities. Cooked turkeys have too much seasoning and no nutritional value to dogs once cooked!

Many thanks Becca! Best rule, when in doubt don't give it to your dog!

Have a safe and happy holiday season with family, friends and furry friends!




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