When you find a passionate dog trainer who knows animals it can make all the difference in the world. A well-behaved dog can participate with so much more in your life and isn't that what you hope for?

The idea of having your dog beside you for all kinds of occasions is something you may only wish for, but with the right kind of training your dog's ability to be well-behaved in a variety of social settings can make both you and your dog much happier.

Dog trainer Becca Miller has the ability to make your dog a happier, healthier more well-adjusted member of the family, as she has done for my own dog Bella. She's is dedicated to dramatically improving the lives of people and their pets.

This is her brief assessment of the work we've been doing with my dog, Bella:

We are working on her stressors and trying to bring her focus off the stress and on to us. If we aren't stressed she shouldn't be. We are also teaching her basic manners to give a grounding mechanism. You can't tell a dog sit without them using their brain. Thus they need to focus on the command more than the stress.

So many times both pets and their owners need some help from a trainer like Becca, who has a remarkable ability to connect with animals and assist in understanding what they need and how to communicate with them in a way they can understand.

"I want to better people's lives. I know how special these animals are," Becca told me. "Animals are able to read our expressions. They're phenomenal and deserve to be cared for and trained as the remarkable partners in life that they are!"

"Dogs often times want so badly to please us, but we need good skills and tools to help them understand behavior and how they can best interact in our world in a healthy and happy way. Too often, the frustration of a misbehaved dog can lead to some very sad outcomes."

"I'm very much a believer that animals are in our lives for a reason," she said. "If God gives us these animals, why shouldn't we treat them right?"

I strongly believe that training is critical. So often we fall in love with the wonderful idea of a dog like we see in the movies, but when the reality we experience with our dog doesn't match, we need to work to understand how to help our petsbecome the pet of our dreams. And that's what Becca is here to help with.

Becca is also skilled with her camera and loves to capture your dog and their training progress as she demonstrates in this impressive photo gallery.

Becca Miller photos



"My very first session is generally only 30 minutes long...the meeting is an assessment basically. We will see where your dog's at, what we need to do and I'll give you a game plan."

You will love trainer Becca Miller. She takes textbook wisdom and makes it work brilliantly. The name of her business is Your Hope For a Better K-9.

Becca does obedience training from basic to advanced, trick training, service dog training and behavioral modification. She gives nutritional advice, does house sitting for all animals from fish to horses anywhere from homes to farms.

Reach Becca Miller training Your Hope For a Better K-9 by following this link to her Facebook page.

You can also contact Becca by calling 719-306-5851.




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