It's Thursday and that means we pop a top on one of the great drinkin' songs in country music. This song comes from a singer who's nickname was "the voice". Vern Gosdin was one of the leaders of the traditional movement in the 80's.


When he was a young man he sang qospel in a quartet called the "Gosdin Brothers" and appeared on the "Gosdin Family Gospel Show on radio.

In the early 80's, Gosdin had some top five hits and a number one song with "I Can Tell by the Way You Dance(You're Gonna Love Me Tonight)".

By the mid 80's his career hit a lull, but it was rejuvenated in the late 80's with traditional country making a comeback.

Gosdin hit number one again in 1988 with a song that was a tribute to the great Ernest Tubb. The song was "Set'Em Up Joe".

Definitely one of the great barroom , drinkin' songs of all time.