The first time I heard David Nail sing this song, I fell in love with it. Nail, with unbelievable vocals, gives you a similar experience to Luke Bryan's "Springsteen". Nail tells this site that "Sound of a Million Dreams", the title cut from his second album and his newest single, reminded him of the eclectic mix he heard as a teen driving to school. "So, when I heard this song it reminded me of that. Just driving and listening to Bob Seger, Merle Haggard, Elton John, Glenn Campbell, Garth Brooks and the Wallflowers--all on the same record...I've always felt that the album's title was the most important thing besides the music. It automatically gives someone an idea of what to expect," he said. "If you had to tell a story of me to this point, that song really sums it up."

The music video for the song is being shot at the historic Alabama Theater in Birmingham, Alabama. David shares with "The Boot" that the legendary building represents the soul of the people. "You can feel the music moving through them, and you know it's a part of who they are. We didn't even use extra people in our video, but you can feel their passion for the songs and artists in the air."

There's no word on the release date of the new video but here's an acoustic version of the Phil Vassar/Scooter Carusoe song headed for a major hit for David Nail. I love it and you need to check it out!