Flatland Cavalry's lead singer Cleto Cordero talks to Lonestar 99.5, as we ramp up for their performance at Cotton Fest May 2nd-4th at Cook's Garage in Lubbock, Texas.

Flatland Cavalry is celebrating the release of their sophomore album, Homeland Insecurity. It's about finding your way after school, and getting your footing in an uncertain world.

Cordero discussed digging deeper for more meaningful song lyrics and continuing to push to create music their audience can connect with even more. Lubbock is where his musical inspiration and dreams took shape. He's enthusiastic about how Lubbock has shaped his career, calling Lubbock a great place for "dreamers."

Listen to some of our interview with Cordero below.

Cordero is excited to be a part of Cotton Fest this year, and we sure look forward to seeing Flatland Cavalry perform Saturday night, May 4th at Cook's Garage.

Here's an artist who's both humble and prolific. With an easy-going spirit, Cordero shared the difficulties of writing on the road and the struggles he's shared with his band as they release new music, spend endless hours on the bus and tour everywhere. Grateful for their success, he takes nothing for granted.


For all your Cotton Fest details, you can follow this link We look forward to seeing y'all there!

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