Whenever you have a meet and greet with a major star it's always exciting. So was the case with our Troubadour cover song contest winner.
His name is Randall Morris and he was with his girlfriend who encouraged him to enter the contest. Randall is 21 yrs.old and is a huge Strait fan. What was cool about this whole thing was that Randall had never seen George Strait in concert. The Lubbock concert was the first time for Randall.
When Randall met George, he talk about waiting on him at a restaurant, which George remembered. Randall also showed him a picture of George with a deer or elk he had shot hunting. The picture was from some 30 yrs ago. George remember that as well. Randall's parents now rent out the house in the picture, and came across it while cleaning.
After we all had out picture taken, George started to sing the first line of the song "Troubadour", and Randall jumped right in. That brought smiles to everyone.
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Randall will always remember the night he met George Strait in Lubbock Texas.