On this first hit Monday is a singer who learned about country music on his own by listening to recordings. He moved to Nashville when he was 19 but found the going pretty hard.


Dierks Bently was getting discouraged and was knocking on a lot of doors that weren't opening for him. But he walked into a bar that featured bluegrass and took part in an all night jam.

That rejuvenated Bently and he started to pursue he performing gigs again.

He got a job at the TNN t.v. network. He did research during the day, and worked on his demos at night.

Finally Capitol Records heard him and signed him to a contract.

His first album was self titled "Dierks Bently" and released in 2003. From the album came his first hit song "What Was I Thinkin'".

Dierks Bently on "first hit Monday".