John Anderson was born and raised in Florida but moved to Nashville in 1971 and the age of 17. He played the clubs around the area and also helped build the current Grand Ole Opry House. He finally got a record deal with Warner 1977 but didn't have a top 10 hit until four years later in 1980.


His first two songs put on the country music map. The first was "I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal" that went to the top five and his second hit, "Wild And Blue" went to Number One.

But it was the next song that really shot him to stardom.

It was in 1983 that Anderson scored with a song he co-wrote. It would win a CMA Award and Anderson would win the CMA's Horizon Award.The song was "Swingin'"

In fact Leann Rimes recently recorded the song for her current album.

Anderson would continue to have hit songs into the 90's like, "Straight Tequila Night", "When It Comes To You" and "Seminole Wind".

"Swingin'" would become Anderson's signature song.