Get your taste buds ready, Lubbock.

Have you ever heard of the amazing Zaxby's? I've got some news for you, Lubbock. You might know the name very well soon.

Zaxby's has so many great options and locations across the country. It all started in Statesboro, Georgia and expanded from there. It was all built around good chicken and the famous Zax sauce. From when it started back in 1990 to today, they've opened more than 900 locations.

Zaxby's serves up chicken in so many ways with nine distinct special sauces. You can get things like fingers, family packs, salads, chicken sandwiches, plus lots of great sides.

What am I looking forward to the most? Probably all the sauces. I like to get lost in the sauce and the chicken is so good. I love that they have so many different types of sauces -- some spicy, some not. I haven't tried the fried white cheddar bites, but I'm a sucker for fried cheese.

The closest Zaxby's to Lubbock right now is probably Dallas, but that won't be the case long. I reached out to the public relations team at Zaxby's and I got some exciting news, y'all. Zaxby's will be here soon!

"We are looking to do some development in Lubbock, Texas this year," said Tray Doster with Zaxby's.

Man, Tray -- you just made a lot of people here so excited and we can't wait for y'all to get here. While there isn't a set location yet, you can brush up on Zaxby's menu and more at their official website.

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