"How do you know it'll be a hit, Alyssa?" Well, you there Mr. or Mrs. Speculator, I know because it's ZAC BROWN BAND! :) Have they ever put out a song that isn't a hit? That's the question to answer your question!

Blake and I are both pretty psyched about this final radio release from Zac Brown Band's Grammy Winning Album, 'Uncaged' and it's for two great reasons: 1.) It's another awesome Zac Brown Band song to sing along with. and 2.) If it's the Final Radio Release from the album... that means a new album's sure to come sooner than later!!!!

The song, 'Sweet Annie', falls along the lines of 'Highway 20 Ride' and 'Goodbye in Her Eyes'. Yes, it's not their fastest, most upbeat song, but it's a great tune. Zac Brown's got the vocals going good and the band is right there with him jamming. I give it an A+ for sure!

Give it a listen to for yourself! What do you think?