No. No. No. No. No. NOOOOOO. Jackie Chan is NOT dead. Although the story was very believable and DID NOT involve an overdose of any sort. I'm here to help spread the word that he is still very much with us!

According to several sources now that have checked into and reported on the story- Jackie Chan is NOT dead.

Thanks to a rogue Facebook App, hackers were able to spread and share news of the actor's untimely death saying that he fell from a 12 story building while shooting his own stunt scene for an upcoming movie.

What's the point, right?

Well this rogue app on Facebook tricks people into opening it and sharing it with friends to get the users profile info. and use that to further spread the scam. DON'T click on any of this. As I said, it's a scam.

Thank goodness it ain't RIP for Jackie Chan, yet! I love his movies too much for him to be gone!