Chicken Nuggets are delicious, yes. ESPECIALLY during all the weird hours when it's not lunch or dinner, but rules are rules and I'm sure this gal is thinking now that maybe throwing a fit and being charged with vandalism wasn't really worth the golden nuggets after all....

Yea.... I don't know about this.The video calls it "STRONGLY OBJECTING" but Blake and I both know that that's what we Texans call just flat out throwin' a hissy fit.

The lady in the drive through was NOT happy when the workers at this McDonald's in Toledo


informed her that she would not be able to order Chicken Nuggets at 6:30 in the morning, as they had already switched the menu over to breakfast.

That's when the chaos began.

The driver gets OUT OF HER CAR to begin yelling and punching the drive-thru attendant.... What kinda manners did her momma teach her!? oh wait.... -_-

Check the video out and tell us what you would've done if YOU were the drive thru worker