OK, here's my time to rant. Are y'all having trouble with flies? Because I am.

I went home yesterday, June 15th, 2022, and there were so many flies. I don't know what happened, but I probably killed four or five and there are still two in my house that are fast buggers that I can't get.

Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? I know bugs tend to start moving around and it gets worse when it's hot outside. It's been really hot this past week, but dang! I have never seen so many flies.

I also learned that during the summer the life cycle of a fly may be even faster, which means they also reproduce and grow quickly.

When you're trying to get stuff done at home or enjoy TV, you just can't with them flying around. I got a fly swatter and got most of them, but the other two are just too smart and only come around when I don't have the swatter in my hand.

When you Google or try to learn more about how to get rid of flies, you discover how much you really don't want them around due to the myriad diseases they can carry.

Apparently, you can get things like liquid concentrates, insecticide dust, pyrethrin aerosols, fly light traps, fogging materials, fly baits and outside fly traps to get rid of them, but I'm not sure if I'm at that point just yet.

I guess the New York Post was thinking like me today. Here's what they say experts advise when it comes to killing these unwanted pests.

All I'm saying is watch how long you leave your home and car doors open, because you definitely don't want to be dealing with this problem like I am.

As always, if you have a great solution to solving this problem, please let me know.

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