Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes has fans pretty much all over the world now. You could say he has become the new face of the National Football League. He's even been on the cover of two of the last three Madden football video games. One fan of Patrick Mahomes could be considered the coolest of all time after a recent interview where he gushed about how much of a fan he is, The Fonz Henry Winkler.

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Happy Days was one of the most popular TV shows of all time. One of the stand out characters was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli otherwise known as Fonzie or The Fonz played by Henry Winkler. The Fonz was basically the coolest guy in town. He had a love for everyone and made sure that if someone wasn't acting right, he'd set 'em straight. He even had a signature saying of "Aaaaa" while giving everyone a perfect smile.

He was the cool dude of the time.

Recently, Henry Winkler was on The Rich Eisen Show to talk about his current HBO show Barry. As Rich was leading Winkler into talking about the show, Winkler interrupted Rich mid sentence and asked if he had met Patrick Mahomes. He went on to talk about how he loved watching Patrick play and wanted to meet him one day. Watch the full interaction below:

Patrick Mahomes has fans from East Texas to Kansas City to around the world. Even non NFL fans know who you're talking about when you mention Patrick Mahomes. To have one of the coolest dudes to ever grace the small screen gush about how big of a fan he is, that's pretty awesome. No word yet on if the two will meet up in the future but I don't think that will be hard to set up.

I'm sure Patrick Mahomes is looking forward to the upcoming NFL season as he'll have a whole new core of wide receivers to throw to. Can the Kansas City Chiefs host an AFC Championship game for the fifth season in a row? We'll find out.

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