You've probably seen people sharing those super neat AI pictures all over Facebook the past couple of days. I noticed them being shared like crazy over the weekend and I just had to jump on board and make some of them. Unfortunately, it wasn't free, but they came out pretty cool, so I'm not mad about it.

A ton of people asked me how I made them, so I figured I'd help you out and let you know if you were also curious.

The app is called Lensa. You download it from the play store and then it gives you options for how many "Magic Avatars" you'd like to create. You upload a bunch of photos of yourself, and then you wait a really long time for them to process. I think it took about 2 hours for 100 photos. I thought I would just make them for myself, but I ended up making them for 6 people because I thought they were so cool. I even made them for my partner Wes Nessman.

Here are a couple of photos of us that turned out great and a few that are downright creepy:

Neato Avatar Photos From Lensa

I learned that if you give a wide variety of pictures of yourself, they turn out much cooler. Don't just upload a selfie of your face, make sure you include some that have your body in them, interesting backgrounds, or you making silly faces. I think those come out the best. They don't have an option for couples, and you can't combine two different people, so that was kind of a bummer, but maybe that will be available in the future. Who knows?

Anyway, now you all know how the heck to get those weird pictures! Enjoy!

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