It's not too often that I get to sit down during the week to watch TV so I am a DVR professional!  Of course, I end up letting things stack up in my DVR before I'm able to watch the shows.  Here's what's currently in my DVR I haven't had a chance to see - so DON'T spoil it for me!

  • NBC's The Blacklist
    NBC's The Blacklist

    The Blacklist - NBC

    When this show was announced I IMMEDIATELY put it on my DVR solely based on James Spader!  He is by far one of my favorite actors.  I fell in love with his acting during Boston Legal - remember that show?  I still have last night's episode to watch!

  • NBC's Dracula
    NBC's Dracula

    Dracula - NBC

    Don't judge me - I enjoy the paranormal and I REALLY enjoy watching Jonathan Rhys Meyers portray Dracula - just as I loved watching him in Showtime's The Tudors!  I'm 2 episodes behind.

  • CBS's Criminal Minds
    CBS's Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds - CBS

    OH MY GEEEZZZZ - some of the episodes of Criminal Minds are so crazy intense that I end up with nightmares after watching them!  I try to watch this show early in the day so I have time to get it out of my mind before going to sleep!  The one with the marionette dolls REALLY got me!  That's why I'm 4 episodes behind on this one!  Yikes!

  • Fox's Sleepy Hollow
    Fox's Sleepy Hollow

    Sleepy Hollow - Fox

    Again - I enjoy a good paranormal show - but with this TV show I can only watch it when my daughter isn't around because some of the graphics and "scary parts" would keep her up for days!  But what I really enjoy about this show is the character of Ichabod Crane played by Tom Mison.  Watching Crane try to adapt to 2013 cracks me up!  Especially when trying to work a computer.  If you haven't seen this show - I highly recommend it.  That's probably why I am current on this show and ready for the next episode!

  • CBS's Hostages
    CBS's Hostages

    Hostages - CBS

    I'm not gonna lie - at first this show was pretty slow going - but I'm happy that I didn't give up on it because every episode gets better and better!  Plus - I find Dylan McDermott SUPER HOT!  And I appreciate the character he plays in the show - Duncan Carlisle, FBI agent trying to kill the President to save his wife.  He's the good guy/bad guy.  I am one episode behind on this one.

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