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Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Food Recipes
Fireball whiskey soaked meat?  Fireball whiskey cupcakes?  YOU. BET.
Now you have to understand that the group of friends that I hang out with are self-proclaimed Fireball Whiskey Aficionados.  And when it's one of those aficionado's birthday - I grabbed my computer and searc…
3 Minutes To A Better Monday
I know, I know - it's Monday.  The day you drag your butt out of bed, get ready for the day and then drive to work looking through only one eye because it's just too difficult to open both eyes.
Believe me - I get it.  Today is my first Monday back to work after a week long vacati…
Miranda & Blake - 'Over You'
Standing in line at the grocery store I saw the June edition of PEOPLE Country that listed Country’s Sexiest Men for 2014.
Tim McGraw Serenades Another Girl
If Tim McGraw is singing to another woman - you better believe there is a good reason.  And this little girl is a perfect reason!
I came across this video on Facebook today - Tim McGraw is singing a song that was to go out to his daughter and wife, Faith Hill - but instead this lucky girl was se…
5 Songs In My Music Library
In my iTunes account I have a little over 200 songs, however when I listen to my music, I just listen to the different playlists that I’ve made – neglecting some of the other songs.
Last night, as usual, I put my ear buds in as I went to bed and instead of just choosing a playlist – I shuffled the en…
Insomnia with Patsy Cline
Lately I've had a HORRIBLE time with insomnia!  50% of the time my eyes pop open between 3-4am.  It's so frustrating!
What Did You Say?
Yesterday I was standing in line at the grocery store.  There was a man standing in front of me who turned around and made an attempt to pay me a compliment.  He said (and I hope my ‘spelling’ matches the pronunciation of the words he chose),
“Dayum Ma – Wh…
The Brunettes Win!
For it being the “First Annual” Blondes v Brunettes Football game for the Lubbock Alzheimer’s Association it was a HUGE success!
On Saturday, June 21st – around 2000 people came out to the Jones AT&T Stadium to watch girls play football! …
The Irreplaceable Pillow
Not too long ago I took a trip to El Paso to see a concert.  I stayed at a pretty nice hotel while I was there that was within walking distance to the 3 day concert I was attending.  Once I returned home from the mini-vacation, I made a HORRIBLE discovery – I left my pillow at the ho…
Where's The Body?
Saturday night (technically Sunday morning as it was 3:45am) I was driving home from a station event and came up on a horrific site that included a demolished Lincoln, a railroad crossing sign laying across train tracks, a ton of blood – and the scariest part…a train coming down the tra…
A Tattoo?
My father was – and still is – a musician.  He plays trumpet, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, banjo and really just about any instrument that he picks up.  Before I was born he played in several bands across the US and has even had the opportunity to play for Chicago...

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