Here in West Texas, we love Football. Actually, that's an understatement.


It doesn't matter if it's Friday Night Nights, getting our Guns Up with Texas Tech on a Saturday afternoon or the inevitable implosion of another Dallas Cowboys season, we're all in with the pigskin.

So, when we see something like this, we get a little excited.

That is exactly what it looks like. A genuine, full-fledged, totally pimped-out, NBC Football Night in America production truck, right here in Lubbock. Literally, right around the corner FROM MY HOUSE. This is not a drill! You can imagine my shock and glee when, in the wee hours of the morning, I turned from my street and was heading to work when I spotted this beacon of light and hope right around the corner, resting in the West Texas morning air.

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Even though it appears that the driver was simply stopped for a snooze, I had to resist the temptation to see if Carrie Underwood was nearby, 'cause I've been waitin' all day for Sunday Night.

Of course, this begs to ask all sorts of questions. First off, is the driver freaking lost? Otherwise, how did he wind up in a subdivision in Northwest Lubbock? Or maybe there's a much more interesting observation to be made as we let the rumor mill run wild.

Are the Cowboys planning on a surprise move out of that cavernous, drafty AT&T Stadium in Arlington? Or did Jerry Jones stop taking his meds and confuse Jones AT&T Stadium for his Arlington monolith?

Is Lubbock the dark horse for an NFL team to relocate? After all, haven't the Raiders have been in Las Vegas for one full season already? Knowing them, it may be time to starting thinking about moving again. Plus, the name fits: "THE WEST TEXAS RED RAIDERS." I like it. Hell, we're a bigger NFL market than Green Bay, so why not?

Patrick Mahomes wants to come back to Lubbock. The Hub City Chiefs has a niiiiice ring to it, and he's probably got the pull.

Insert random Kliff Kingsbury rumor here.

Either way, it's fun to fantasize. Besides, I think I saw Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth at Whataburger.

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