What animal is deadliest to us here in Texas? The first thing I thought of when I considered this question was a rattlesnake or maybe a scorpion.

According to Man vs Beast citing CDC statistics, here in Texas I'd be half right, but in surrounding states, it's the humble deer that is related to the largest number of deaths, followed in second place by bees, hornets and wasps.

animal deaths in each state

In Texas, scorpions (and other venomous arthropods) have been related to more deaths than other animals. I did some research and found that the Striped Bark Scorpion is the most common and deadly, even though their bite is rarely fatal.

We've all learned to shake out our boots before we put them on for this reason. I think we're all doing a pretty good job steering clear of these critters, since fatalities are rare.

I've been struck by a deer twice in my life. Once in North Dakota, a state that did not have enough statistics to draw a conclusive answer for this survey. Fortunately, I had a grill guard and was able to deflect the deer with no damage to my vehicle. However, the deer was not as fortunate.

When I was out in the sticks of New York on Eastern Long Island, I was on a two-lane road and the car coming toward me hit a deer, which flew across the road and landed right in front of me. I was able to stop in time, but barely; his hooves were under my front bumper, and naturally there was a pile up of traffic with angry drivers honking at me. Unbelievable!

I learned that Brown Recluse bites are rare and can cause serious complications before becoming deadly.

Surprisingly in some states like Arizona and other northeastern states, man's best friend, the dog, is blamed for the largest number of deaths.

All in all, your odds of being killed by an animal are highest in Montana -- about 1 in 674,600. 

Here in Texas, the odds of dying because of an animal are more than one in a million! 

These statistics give us food for thought. The percentage of deaths caused by animals is so small or so random as to make it impossible to really plan or work a defensive strategy. The old 'Be Prepared' motto springs to mind. Be aware, but don't let it ruin your time in the great outdoors.


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