You may want to get rid of weeds by using your weedeater, but that doesn't really get rid of them--just makes them shorter. Or you may want to dig them up. That works but it's also HARD work. Or, you may want to try a weed killer spray.

A lot of people use Montsanto's Roundup. But this year according to this gardening site, that company can no longer legally say the product is safe for the environment.

The site, says, "Roundup is neither biodegradable nor environmentally friendly...reach for vinegar instead. It's cheap. It's easy to use."

It's suggested you can apply the vinegar with a watering can or spray bottle or, for efficiency, a pump-sprayer. And you are further warned to be cautious when applying as it will kill lawn grass too. Vinegar--making your life a little greener! But, I have to admit that my better half takes care of our yard and he prefers Roundup. At least environmentally-friendly sites like the one above has given us a choice!