I couldn't help but share this hilarious viral video.

A woman and her daughter were kicked out of church for bringing in a bag of cilantro. The cilantro was for garnishing the Menudo she brought to share at the Sunday meal, but the church people refused to believe her and claimed that it was, in fact, marijuana.

It just cracks me up, man.

Cilantro and weed couldn't be any different from one another if they tried. They don't smell the same, they don't look the same, and they certainly don't taste the same when sprinkled atop some delicious Menudo. The arrogance and refusal to believe something when there's proof right in their face, in my experience, is something to be expected from religious folk.

What's more is when she went back to the church to ask for her food back and they threatened to call the police on her. HAHAHAHA! The police...for cilantro. My goodness! They probably would have called off the drugs dogs and brought some limes and an appetite.

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The woman and her daughter said that they visit Redemption Methodist Church in Oklahoma City often and I can only hope that they found a new place to go that knows the difference between pot and chopped cilantro. Who knows? Maybe those guys just haven't had the right drug dealers. Also, anyone out there looking to score a buck might be able to sell herbs from the grocery store for the price of a sack of weed if they hit up more churches like this one. They clearly have no idea what the difference is. Could be a great new client.

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