We all love new places in Lubbock. Not only is Sips now open, but it's also good for you.

Sips is a nutritionist and Herbalife shop that serves meal replacement shakes, waffles, teas and other specialty drinks.

Some of their drinks are serves like regular tea or as a chiller (shown in video below). This chiller below is a mix of Blue Hawaiian flavor with creamy Coconut poured on top and honestly it looks so good. How could it be good for you?


Monday was Cheyenna Martinez's opening day, but unfortunately she could not be there because she caught COVID-19. The show still went on. She started with Good Vibes a year ago but has been around the club for six years. The owner was a mentor to Martinez and she decided she was ready to take on her own dreams.

Cheyenna Martinez told us:

"One of my favorite things about Herbalife and our shops (mine and Good Vibes) is that I have always been able to take the unhealthy sugary drinks from other places that people loved and mimic or recreate them but with the added benefits of increased energy, little to no sugar, and of course you get to satisfy your craving!"

She says no matter your favorite cake or dessert, she can make it into a protein or vitamin-packed treat. How cool, right? She says a lot of people do this in Lubbock but she is confident in the way hers tastes.

I mean, if something tastes good and is healthy just doesn't seem fair to me but she says she can do it so that you can consistency in wanting to stay healthy.

"It may sound silly because I just stand behind a bar and make drinks but I have a lot of passion for these things. I take pride in everything I make and it shows in the way everything I make taste. Which even then, only others will have to judge that for themselves but I put love into every drink I make."

So it sounds to me we all need to go and see if she is correct. This new place is located at 2138 19th Street, which is located inside the Studio 19 building between Head Hunters and Lubbock High School.

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