Back in December, we told you that a Trader Joe's store could be coming to Wolfforth. We now have an update for y'all, isn't a happy one.

Currently, the closest Trader Joe's locations to Lubbock are in Albuquerque, New Mexico and bigger cities in Texas like Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Trader Joe's is a place that's definitely been high on everyone in Lubbock's wish list. Today, we learned that dream is probably not happening soon. Here's why.

The MKB Development Group was working on building in Wolfforth and they were in talks with Trader Joe's. MKB even told us some people from Trader Joe's were coming down to check it out.

After talking with someone from MKB again they told us they don't they really like their property and it sadly wasn't going to happen. They do think it could happen in the next three to five years, but as for right now there are no plans.

I reached out to the public relations team for Trader Joe's and we got the following response.

"We consider many locations. All of the locations that are opening soon are listed on our website. Unfortunately, Lubbock is not on the list at this time," said Nakia Rohde, the public relations manager for Trader Joe's.

So that's a bummer. I asked her if she thinks it would happen anytime soon and she said she would keep me updated if anything changes but right now it's not looking great.

"We currently have 536 stores and we target to open 30 to 35 stores a year. While we don’t have any current plans to open in the area, we'll take this as your recommendation, as we consider new locations," said Rohde.

So this makes me think we still need to be filling out those forms to be pushing to get them to come. They are obviously growing a lot, and hopefully Lubbock will soon be on their mind.

If anyone can do it, this Lubbock foodies community can. You can fill out a request to show the store how much interest there is for them to come here and we all know it is a lot. Fill out this form if you want a Trader Joe's in Lubbock County. It's super quick and easy and just might help tip the scales.

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