If you've ever been to a Trader Joe's, you know it's a pretty neat experience. It's very different than most grocery stores and well known for the brand they have.

Currently, the closest ones to Lubbock right now are in Albuquerque, New Mexico or bigger cities in Texas like Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Trader Joe's is a place that's definitely been high on everyone in Lubbock's wish list. Today, we learned that dream now may be even closer to reality.

Stetson Hector and Derek Balzano with MKB Development Group has a development firm building in Wolfforth and are working on bringing a Trader Joe's to that city. They've had some really good talks with the folks at Trader Joe's and told us they're very interested. The plan is to talk more, but Hector and Balzano also want the community to show how much we want them to be there.

They're asking everyone to go fill out a request to show the store how much interest there is for them to come here and we all know it is a lot. So go fill out this information if you want a Trader Joe's in Lubbock County. It's super quick and easy, and just might help tip the scales.

If you aren't sold yet on Trader Joe's, here's why I love it.

It all kind of all started with me with their Everything but Bagel seasoning. It's so good and unique. After that, I started trying more and more things. They have this really good cauliflower gnocchi. I think they have quality products at great everyday prices we all love. It's not a lot of branded items, but unique and different products, along with the famous Trader Joe's label.

Not only would this bring a Trader Joe's, but also a whole shopping center that would be built on 2.5 acres of land. They hope to have 8 to 10 new businesses there, along with a new apartment complex that would start leasing at the end of 2022. The location would be off Marsha Sharp Freeway in Wolfforth, Texas.

I think this would be great for the community as a whole, and I look forward to seeing if it happens. Keep checking in as we keep y'all updated on anything we hear.

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