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One of the most thrilling things in the world is riding a roller coaster. After that initial trip up the lift hill, it's all left up to gravity as you raise your hands up in the air and let the wind blow through your hair as you go up and down hills, through corkscrews and inversions on your way back to the station house. If you're a roller coaster thrill junkie like myself, you're in for a treat.

In 2023 we'll see the opening of a new amusement park in Central Texas that is sure to be a tourist destination. It'll be on the eastern side of Austin at the Circuit Of The Americas track. Yeah, the same place that's known for Formula 1 racing and much more.

Park management recently announced plans for a new on-site amusement park because they have the space and people want more fun! COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein tells Fox 7 Austin,

We actually had this as part of the original master plan. Our assets are concession stands, restrooms and lots of parking spaces. When you consider what you should do with a campus like that, you have to make it a destination.

Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) already has a small amusement park that has rides geared toward children. COTALAND has a ferris wheel, zip-lining, a carousel and several kid rides and a small roller coaster, however, that is about to change. Epstein tells KVUE that they plan on having around 30 rides total by next year along with two giga-coasters.

Now when it comes to roller coasters, the giga-coaster is a supreme roller coaster. They usually feature a height or drop off of at least 300 feet and are extremely fast. One of the coasters the park has plans for will be called Circuit Breaker and will be the first of its kind in North America. There is one in operation overseas already. It will feature a track that gets tilted 90 degrees towards the ground that will leave riders dangling before the brakes release! Epstein didn't mention the specific coaster overseas, but I do believe I found it online. It's in Taiwan and is called 'Gravity Max'.

The other coaster they have planned for will be called Palindrome and it will be the first of its kind too. I for one can't wait for these giga-coasters and the new theme park to open, 2023 can't get here fast enough for me!

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