Now, this is not only something we want but we need.

Everyone knows that Texans love Texas and what better way to honor it than by having its very own theme park?

It is all started by Lizzy McGee. She is a sixth-generation Houstonian, a former strategy professional at Disney Parks, and a current Stanford MBA with a passion for theme parks and Texas according to Kick Starter.

All these pictures are done by Edward Dinzole and they are a preliminary map of what TexasLand USA could look like. They want it to be a park where they are showing off famous Texas landmarks.

On the picture below you can see they have things like Lonestar Lane, The Alamo, Prada Marfa, Apollo 11 ranch waters, BBQ and so much more.

McGee writes, "Imagine riding an underground train through Bowie's Lost Silver Mine or hurdling though space in Apollo 11 Mission Control! Texas has a rich history unexplored by popular entertainment, and its families deserve their own place to experience that history brought to life."

Lizzy McGee
Lizzy McGee

They want this park to be a "quality, affordable, family-friendly park here in Texas."

She has posted these plans to Kickstarter and already has raised almost $35,000. According to this website, it is an all-or-nothing plan. If they don't raise a little more than $72,000 by Saturday, April 29th, 2023 the project won't be funded.

You can learn more about the project on Kickstarter and I guess we will find out in April if this project will actually happen. Good luck McGee I am rooting for it.

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