Thomas Rhett Life Changes Tour 2018 -- Lubbock, Texas

Thomas Rhett made the second stop of his Life Changes tour right in the Hub City Friday night.

It was a night to remember, as Jillian Jacqueline and Brett Young opened up the show and warmed up the crowd for Rhett's anticipated appearance.

Songwriter turned performer Brett Young was welcomed to Lubbock for the first time by a sea of smart phone lights. You can see the video here.

The energy was high and fans went wild as Thomas Rhett's wife Lauren Akins and daughters Willa Gray and Ada James entered the United Supermarkets Arena to watch Rhett's performance alongside them. Later on in the show, Willa even joined her dad on the stage.

Rhett didn't leave the crowd waiting and hit the stage singing. Performing songs like "T-Shirt," and "Cravin' You," plus older hits like "Get Me Some of That," Rhett and his band made sure to please any fan, whether they were recent or long-time listeners.

The pit area of the concert was full of wild, constantly screaming fans. Rhett interacted with them by shaking hands, waving at those who were videoing him and even grabbing a cell phone to take selfies with while on stage. (Don't worry, he returned it to the owner!)

His stage show's big screen showed off many home pictures of his family, displaying just how much of an influence they've had on his career lately.

The night was topped of with an explosion of confetti that doused the stadium in celebration. Rhett was called back onstage for an encore where he played his biggest single, "Die a Happy Man," whom Rhett has stated was written for his wife.

Thomas Rhett will be making his next stop in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, May 19.


    Fans Light Up the USA During Brett Young's Set

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