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TikTok is full of so many adorable animals, especially dogs. There are dozens of iconic pups on the app with thousands and even millions of followers. However, one special golden retriever named Nala has recently taken the spotlight.

Nala’s owner Chris is from Utah and loves exploring what their beautiful state has to offer. They started on TikTok by posting videos of their adventures hiking in the sun and snow, but their content recently took a turn.

Chris would occasionally post videos of Nala doing what he calls the "Nala stomp." After one of those videos went viral with over 2.8 million views, TikTok just can't get enough of the stomping pup.

Chris continued posting their usual content with the occasional stomping video thrown in, until one of those videos reached over 11 million views. From then on the demand for Nala’s stomps was so high that Chris has strictly been making those videos over the past few weeks.

After Nala’s stomps went viral, more golden retriever owners came forward saying how their dogs do the exact same thing. Apparently, it's a thing that the breed just tends to do. I find it incredibly cute and I would do it with my pup all the time if they did something like this. Simply watching the video without actively participating in the stomps brings me so much joy that I can only imagine how fun it is to experience in person.

I hope Nala never stops stomping and that Chris continues to share these lovely moments with the world. If you want to watch more of Chris and Nala’s videos, you can find them on TikTok: @adventuringwithnala.

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