Country music is mostly about mama's, trains, trucks, prison and getting drunk. The latter is what will be focused on here.  On "Thirsty Thursday's", I'll take a look at some of the great drinkin' songs in country music and there have been  some great ones.
One of the best came from a singer whose popularity was at it's peak in the mid-1970's, and continues to this day, even though he passed away in 2003.
Gary Stewart was describe by "Time" magazine as the "king of the honkytonk". In 1975 he recorded an album titled "Out of Hand", It climbed to #6 on the Billboard country album charts and has since become one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 1970's.
From that album came Stewart's first and only #1 song, "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)".
So pop a top on a cold one and enjoy.