Back in the 1980's the Wallace Theater in Levelland's marquee went dark, decades later it is finally lit again.

From 1928 until the mid-1980s the theater acted as a community landmark. Then in 1980, the Wallace Theater had to close down after more televisions made their way into people’s homes and more people traveled to bigger cities like Lubbock to get their entertainment.

The theater sat vacant until 2002 when Levelland resident George Keeling decided he wanted to bring it back. The theater opened as a non-profit in 2015 but is finally returning to its home in Levelland with a revitalized building.

They even invited the public to the construction site to sign the walls, to letting them buy bulbs that will shine in the new marquee - it was very much a community effort.

Their mission and vision is "to complete the restoration and renovation of the Wallace Theater as the premier boutique venue for arts & cultural educational opportunities, live performance, and film experiences because everyone in the South Plains deserves access to these opportunities in an outstanding environment."

When open the community can see the complete make-over it had with plans for movies, concerts, theater education for kids and stage plays.

The entire project could not have been possible without donations big and small.

From now until Christmas Day if you make a donation of $20 or more you will get free admission to their 2025 reunion that will be held at the completed Wallace Theater. All previous donations qualify.

The theater will be completely open in December 2024.

You can find out more about the Wallace Theater on their website.

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