The number of contestants are dwindling down for this season of The Voice, bringing us closer and closer to finding out who the top dog will be! This late in the season, coaches start bringing out the big guns, and boy did Coach Usher bring in a big gun!

Michelle Chamuel is Usher's final competing contestant for this season of The Voice. With this being his first, and speculatively his only, season to coach on The Voice, he knows just what he needs to do to spoil and inspire Michelle.

For her second song of the night, Usher chose a Top 40 Taylor Swift song for his Indie artist: 'I Knew You Were Trouble'.

During practice, to help her step up her game and inspire her a little bit more, Usher invited a friend over to see what she's got. The friend? None other than Taylor Swift herself!

I admire that Michelle was able to finish singing the line she was on! Most people, including me, probably would've been shocked silent or screamed! ha ha Check out the video of the entire episode we're sharing from!

To skip to the 'Swift Surprise', fast forward ahead to 60:25. If you go by commerical breaks on the time line, click the 7th one!

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