It’s no secret to many of you that I am a very active person with my son’s high school football program at Lubbock Coronado...but now it's breaking my heart. 

When Jake started high school his freshmen year – I started work with the football booster club where I began to build relationships with other parents, coaches, teachers and most importantly – those football players.  I can honestly say that I have kept in contact with several of the players that have since graduated and entered the real world.  Some are off to college, some are playing football, some are in the military and some are still here at home – and I still love every one of them.

Amy & Joey (CHS 'Son')

In the year’s past, when the calendar said that football season was upon us, I always found myself diving in head first to prepare and organize the football booster club with events, fundraisers and meetings.  I would plan and work several hours a day with the biggest smile on my face and in my heart.  High school football is just that magical, and moreover – supporting those kids is a passion of mine.

This year, things seem to be different.  My job has become increasingly busier which has cut into my ‘planning and organizing’ time.  I couldn’t seem to find the drive that has driven me in all of the years past.  My booster club officers have had to take the lead on several projects that I had always covered in the past.  And for the life of me – I couldn’t understand why in the world this was happening and why in the world am I letting down the kids and coaches that I love so very much.

Well – as of this morning I think I have figured out the problem (and I didn’t even have to call Dr. Phil!).  The problem is – I want time to stop.  I NEED time to stop immediately!

CHS 'Sons' - Noah, Levi, Justin, Amy & Jake

On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at about 6:45pm – I drove to Coronado High School for my son’s final 'Meet the Mustangs' event with tears rolling down my cheeks and I realized that those tears came from the first crack in my heart that will continue to grow and multiply every day until May 23rd, 2015 – the day my heart will completely break – the day my baby (and the rest of ‘my babies’) graduate high school and enter the madhouse of ‘the real world’.

Now I know that I am not the first parent who wants to stop time and I know I’m not the last parent that will want to stop time – and I know that my son’s high school graduation will not be the last time my heart breaks for milestones reached for Jake or for Bri.

So with that realization I’ve made a determination – this is Jake’s last year; this it’s my last year; therefore this year must be the best!  I’ve got a ton of catching up to do – but mark my words, The 2014-15 Lubbock Coronado Football season will be the best as long as I still have something to say about it!

The beauty of Lubbock Coronado is that it has ‘ONE HEARTBEAT’ that every heart of every Mustang beats to – even when a Mustang's heart is breaking.

Athletic Booster, Amy Parker