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The premier high school baseball tournament of the season starts today in Lubbock.

The 2021 First Bank Classic features all four Lubbock ISD high school baseball teams, plus Lubbock-Cooper and Frenship, and a selection of out-of-town teams. This year's First Bank Classic is the 20th season First Bank and Trust has been the title sponsor for the tournament, and First Bank & Trust employees will help staff the tournament at all six game sites.

Game results and additional tourney information can be found online at: FirstBankClassic.com

Due to COVID-19, the 2021 First Bank Classic will only have 10 teams participating as San Angelo Central, Odessa Permian, Plainview, and Canyon Randall will travel to Lubbock for this weekend.

Here is this year's schedule of games (all games to be played with a 2-hour, 15-minute time limit):

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Randall vs. Coronado @ Coronado.  Estacado vs. Monterey @ Monterey.  Plainview vs. Lubbock-Cooper @ Lubbock-Cooper.  Lubbock High vs. Frenship @ Frenship.

1:30pm- San Angelo Central vs. Randall @ Coronado. Odessa Permian vs. Lubbock High @ Frenship.

4pm- San Angelo Central vs. Coronado @ Coronado.  Plainview vs. Monterey @ Monterey.  Estacado vs. Lubbock-Cooper @ Lubbock-Cooper. Odessa Permian vs. Frenship @ Frenship.

Friday, March 12, 2021
Plainview vs. Coronado @ Coronado.  Estacado vs. Lubbock High @ Lubbock High. Frenship vs. Monterey @ Monterey. Odessa Permian vs. Lubbock-Cooper @ Lubbock-Cooper.

1:30pm- Canyon Randall vs. Frenship @ Monterey.  San Angelo Central vs. Lubbock-Cooper @ Lubbock-Cooper.

4pm- Coronado vs. Estacado @ Estacado.  Plainview vs. Lubbock High @ Lubbock High. Canyon Randall vs. Monterey @ Monterey.  San Angelo Central vs. Odessa Permian @ Lubbock-Cooper.

Saturday, March 13, 2021
Odessa Permian vs. Monterey @ Coronado.  Plainview vs. Estacado @ Estacado. Canyon Randall vs. Lubbock-Cooper @ Lubbock High. San Angelo Central vs. Frenship @ Frenship.

1:30pm- Odessa Permian vs Coronado @ Coronado.  Canyon Randall vs. Lubbock High @ Lubbock High.

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