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The second Lubbock location of the popular Jimmy's Egg is almost set to open at 114th and Quaker. The 'Coming Soon' sign definitely has our hopes up.

It was great to see the second location of Jimmy's Egg looking spruced up and ready to open. I passed by last month and caught a word with some workers who said there was still work to be done, but didn't have a completion date at that time.

When we saw this signage, including the brightly striped awnings and a completed parking lot, we found no workers in sight. So hopefully everything was completed? We knew this must be a positive sign.

Of course, instead of hanging out and guessing, we picked up the phone and asked their current location here in Lubbock what was up. We were told the opening was pending the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, and they needed to get their current location seated at a fuller capacity first.

Their original location is their very first restaurant in Lubbock and just opened last year. You can find them located at 6253 Slide Road, in Central Plaza, just off Loop 289, right across from the South Plains Mall.

The arrival of Jimmy's Egg in Lubbock was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. Their tremendous reputation for quality food, excellent service and a delicious menu that offers a wide array of options was right on target.

You can read more about the opening of Lubbock's first Jimmy's Egg here.

We'll definitely keep an eye on this second Lubbock location and keep you posted. You can visit the Lubbock Jimmy's Egg Facebook page for more about their Lubbock restaurant.

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