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One thing most people realize once they start their college career is that it isn't going to turn out how you thought it would.

This Texas Tech student made a video about what he thought was going to happen when leaving high school, versus what actually happened in college.

The video is captioned saying how he expected to graduate within three years, starting his career at 21, and own a home by the time he is 22. It seems that things didn’t quite go as planned because the next caption says how he is currently a fifth-year senior. All of this is done while dancing in a shirt with Raider Red on it.

It seems like he has no shame in his game, and that’s great. No one should feel bad for taking longer to complete school than they thought. Especially with it being very normal to take more than the expected four years.

When I was at Tech, I know quite a few people that didn’t finish their undergrad for five or more years. Maybe they switched programs, or they just needed to take things a bit slower. No matter the reason, it is totally valid.

It is great to be able to joke about it because that’s the way to get through life. Stuff won't always go how you planned and that’s okay. Do things the way you need to do them in order to live a happy life.

Making life plans as a teenager isn’t really the best idea either. Plans might change, but you can always look back on what your younger self thought you would be doing and laugh it off.

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