College sports fans are an odd bunch. I love them.

More than that, Texas Tech fans are absolutely crazed. They are passionate, impulsive, and a little bit wild sometimes. Do Texas Tech fans cross some lines? Allegedly... but I wouldn't change a damn thing.

The latest signal of bats*** crazy that clued the masses in that Texas Tech fans were a different breed came on Twitter this week, but started back on April 28th. A user, nay, hero who goes by the name @CoachBeansTTU promised to eat a LIVE WORM if Fardaws Aimaq committed to Texas Tech.

The very next day, and I do mean within 24 hours, Aimaq committed to Texas Tech:

Now, Mr. Beans could have said, "I'll eat the live worm when he plays in his first game as a Red Raider." You see, it's not even confirmed that Aimaq will really leave the NBA Draft, but Beans doesn't roll like that. The bet wasn't if Aimaq played for Texas Tech, it was only if he committed, and by God if Fardaws Aimaq didn't commit on April 28th.

That brings us to the moment you've all been waiting for. @CoachBeansTTU eating a live worm:

The game plan and execution went to a 'T' here as the worm roll allowed it to all get into the mouth in a concentrated area of the mouth. Two strong chews, the mountains are blue and a tortilla chase sealed the deal.

A truly beautiful moment in time and history. You'll tell your grandkids about this.

Aimaq took notice immediately, promising Beans a signed jersey from both Texas Tech and the NBA. Legends never die. Long live Coach Beans.


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