On this week's what is happening in Texas and Lubbock: A Texas man was calm and collected when a Texas Game Warden pulled him over and searched his vehicle for dugs. This all happened while he was holding a cup full of methamphetamine...

The game warden conducted a traffic stop after spotting a pickup truck hauling a trailer with broken lights and “other transportation violations” near Lubbock, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

After the vehicle was pulled over, the driver and passenger waited with a deputy while the game warden looked up the driver’s information. At one point, the driver retrieved a burrito and 44-ounce drink from the truck, with permission from the deputy, officials said.

This Big Gulp lead to a Big Bust... The Texas Game Warden took to Facebook saying, "The warden then asked to look inside the 44oz fountain drink that he was holding. The driver hesitated but ultimately handed it to the warden. He opened the lid and found a small orange mesh bag inside the cup. The driver stated it contained meth and he was immediately detained. The substance weighed over 5 grams and tested positive for Methamphetamine."

Texas Game Wardens
Texas Game Wardens

The driver was taken into custody.

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