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Have you ever caught "the big one"? For those who love to fish often time "the big one got away but not for a man from Sugar Land who went to the Houston bayou last week on a mission to catch the largest alligator gars ever seen.

So how did he catch the monster gar? According to the Houston Chronicle, it took time and patience.

The moment the fish started moving, Moore could tell he'd found a giant. "It felt like somebody's car had just started up and was rolling out of the driveway, and I'm hanging on to the end of it,"

Since the fish was too powerful to reel in while at full strength, he first had to exhaust it. He strategically made it swim in circles and constantly changed its direction to confuse it.

"They're big, they're strong, they're heavy, and they give you everything they got, right away," Moore said of alligator gars.

When the opportunity presented itself, Moore used a lasso to wrangle the gar and secure it around its pectoral fins.

The current record for alligator gar caught in Texas is 302 pounds set in 1953. Instead of having the gar weighed, he released it back into the water. He didn't want the gar to die waiting to be weighed.

So about how old was the gar that he pulled in? According to Dr. Solomon David at Nicholls State the gar could have been anywhere from 50-100 years old.

Now that is a fishing story.

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