My love for food trucks grows more and more each day. They always do so much and work so hard. The fact that this one is stepping up to help others is so amazing.

If you have never heard of The Little Blue Trailer you are truly missing out. The owner, Jim Larner is one special guy.

Back in March of 2020, he wanted a way to help others when the pandemic hit. For two days he started a program where people were allowed to pay what they could for their food. It was a way to make sure everyone could eat and enjoy a good meal during the tough times.

Well, the Lubbock community hear about it and donated what they could to keep it going. Now two years later the food truck is still doing that program and it is going strong.

The owner posted on Facebook this week saying

“Pay What You Can” is still going strong at The Little Blue Trailer. For two years now we have been helping those who might need a little help paying for a meal. The need has been much larger than we ever expected, but the help from the community has been even greater."

He goes on to talk about saying most people donate anywhere from a dollar to $20 to help keep this program going but he has also had people drop by donating even larger amounts. All these donations and the love from the community help feed so many people.

"Then we have other businesses and individuals who really step up. And they never ask for special recognition or extra attention."

A big thank you he also sent out to was to Crystal, the owner of Shotzy’s Bar and Grill.

"Crystal has supported us from the beginning. And amounts aren’t important, but let me tell you it has been substantial. And when she gives she always says, “we have been blessed and we want to share!” And share she has."

It seriously warms my heart and I hope it does you guys as well to know that this Lubbock community is something special and no matter who it is, people step up even if they don't know the person.

So go check out The Little Blue Trailer and try their slow-cooked meat, funnel cakes, and so much more because this spot is doing something special.

If you want to check them out you can visit their Facebook page or they are normally posted up at the Sutherlands parking lot located at 50th Street and Memphis Avenue.

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