We've all been there. You just moved in to a new home and now have to decide what to do with your old recliner that has been in your family since the mid 60's, and smells somehow like it hasn't been washed in 50 years, but at the same time has a strong scent of lemon Lysol.

There's no way anybody would want this, so how do you dispose of it?

Unless you have a large bonfire pit or a giant woodchipper and some garbage bags, the City of Lubbock has multiple stations and opportunities of safe disposal.

Large furniture

Lubbock's website mentions how bulky trash can be disposed of, including mattresses, tree limbs, large furniture and even garage doors, to name a few.

The list of items that are prohibited by state law to be tossed into landfills include the following:

  • Tires
    • Only 5 per household are allowed
  • Motor oil and filters
    • nothing under 5 gallons
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Fencing
  • Liquid wast
  • Car batteries

Items in this list must meet specific requirements before disposal. The Citizen Convenience Station can take many of these.

In Lubbock, there are four stations:

Yard debris disposal

Specifications for tree branch length can also be found on Lubbock's site, but it should be known that anything over 5 feet is not allowed (so get cutting).

The city also recommends that you always bag leaves before throwing them out, and that you recycle your grass clippings back into your yard for soil nutrients. Just make sure you mow regularly to avoid brown spots in your grass.


That dead raccoon in your shed can NOT be thrown away in the dumpster. Your best bet is to either bury it or to call the City of Lubbock Animal Services and let them take care of it.

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