Stoney LaRue is gonna bring the house down tonight at Wild West! As always, Blake hooked some loyal listeners up with Meet & Greet Passes, but here now for ALL to enjoy is his call-in interview!

Stoney, if you're checking this blog out: Thanks for bein' cool. You rock!

THE Stoney LaRue, one of Texas' favorite country artists, called in yesterday for a phone interview. If you missed it when it aired yesterday morning, no worries! Blake and I have graciously provided it for you below!

My favorite part about the interview was a bit NOT recorded...

I was actually already planning my next meal out at Thai Pepper and had it on the brain when he asked how I was doing. Not really meaning to, I honestly responded, 'hungry'. So we talked about one of my favorite Thai food joints in town and I mentioned how I was going to try to not eat too much (an impossible feat when dining there, I've learned) and Stoney actually quoted Mark Twain! What a charitable, knowledgeable fellow he is!

" Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."

Like a said before, Stoney you rock!

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