At the time it was his first post in a month.

This weekend published an interview with Stoney LaRue, which marked the first time the popular Red Dirt singer has really opened up to his fans about what happened that night three months ago, and what he's done to better himself since.

“All they’re (the police are) going off was what was said from a distraught woman, and then whenever she took that back, they went with what was said first. The media (is) able to distort reality and contort the truth to where it obviously does not look favorably. And it wasn’t a favorable situation, but it certainly wasn’t … physical.”

He added, “I still have my girlfriend; we’re together. We love each other. The only thing that really happened was verbal.”

Still, he said the incident was a wakeup call. The day after, he issued an apology, canceled several tour dates and revealed his plans for “entering an intensive and extensive program.”

“In 18 years, I hadn’t had a chance to kind of step back out of the aquarium, so to speak, and kind of look at the way things are operating and quite literally have any time off, have any vacation, have any time to re-center or time for myself. And it’s OK to be selfish if you’re gonna give people 100 percent of yourself. That’s what people deserve -- they don’t deserve half of anything, especially music, because it’s so spiritual in its meaning and message, in my opinion -- so I just was able to … reaffirm the nature of my association with music, with my life, with my family, with my girlfriend, with my friends, with my management,” he said.

“Just everything in my life was really kind of taken under a microscope, to see what’s working, see what’s not. I start my days with a meditation and a prayer and (to) not be so in control. I was a control freak, you know, and it’s just these things that kind of overwhelm and get you in this cycle of wanting to control … just every aspect of my life. Where if you just let it go -- I let mine go to my higher power, whoever your higher power, whatever it might be or who it might be -- (you can) kind of refocus on just life and being happy and being humble.”

Read the entire story here. Stoney LaRue's new project "Us Time," features covers and remakes of a couple of his most popular songs ("Oklahoma Breakdown," "Feet Don't Touch the Ground"), and finally gives fans long awaited studio version of songs that until now had only been live versions.

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