Texas Red Dirt Great Stoney LaRue will be performing here in Lubbock Saturday March 25th. In a rare interview (listen above) he shares his latest news and a message from the heart, about life, the meaning of adventure, success and what makes it all worthwhile.

His much anticipated new album is on the way, and LaRue has been spending time in Nashville working with musicians like Waylon Pain and Brandon Jenkins, who inspire him to expand his horizons and his creative work.

He was chillin' at his home in Oklahoma for a brief stop over before heading here to Lubbock, when we spoke with him.

He discussed his most recent release that was created exclusively by fan request Us Time. The album is focused on a carefully selected short list, from many fan requests.

When asked about his new music he said, he was doing some writing for the new record. and he plans to have "something recorded out by the end of the Spring."

He shared a fan story from several years ago. He helped a fan who was an aspiring musician, inviting him to come along on the tour bus for a few days. That fan eventually started booking gigs and making his way in music.

LaRue's bucket list includes piloting a plane and parachute jumping.

He has four children who have followed in his musical footsteps. One plays cello and piano,

"Success is whenever you can have' an extended momentum of feeling good" La Rue said.

"It really is my point....to share a message...music changed my life...I think it can change other people for the better." LaRue said.

He discussed his album Velvet which was produced by Grammy-award winning producer Frank Liddell (Leann Womack's husband). He said it opened him up to something deeper more meaningful.

"Velvet was pretty defining..." he shared that it wasn't party music, it took a more intense meaningful tone which left him feeling, 'better...smarter, wiser...seasoned."

LaRue was just great to talk to, easy going, down to earth and passionate about his music.We look forward to his new album expected out later this spring and to his performance here in Lubbock at Charley B's on March 25th. 



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