Sonic is one of my go-to spots when I want a quick and tasty snack. Although my usual order is some tots, mozzarella sticks, Ocean Water, and maybe a Reece’s Blast if I'm feeling extra indulgent, their onion rings are also really good.

Speaking of their onion rings, TikTok user @truemenacnate recently posted a video showing how the location he works at in Kansas makes theirs.

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The video shows a conveyer belt-style machine that has two levels on it, almost like a little onion ring rollercoaster. The top-level guides the pre-cut slice of onion through the wet part of the batter, before dropping it down to the second level. After falling down to the lower level, the onion is coated with the dry portion of the batter. After receiving this perfectly even coating, it is dropped off into a bin and ready for the fryer.

I think this is an incredibly smart and effective way to batter their onion rings. All you need is someone to put the onion on the machine, and it does the rest of the work. According to some commenters on the video, this isn’t the only location to use this method, but many Sonic locations just batter the onion rings by hand.

Whether they are hand-battered or done with this fun onion roller coaster, they are always delicious and perfectly crispy. It is also great to know that you are always getting them fresh and not pre-frozen.

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