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There are few things more obnoxious in this world than an inconsiderate neighbor. Whether they’re nosy, loud, messy, or just plain rude, you're trapped living next to them as you struggle to figure out the best way to handle their terrible behavior.

One thing that many people complain about but can’t do much to fix is when someone constantly parks in front of their home. Obviously, the street is public so you can't call the cops on someone for simply parking in front of your home. However, if they park on the sidewalk like many people in Lubbock do (for some reason), then you have every right to call the cops and get them in trouble.

Someone recently posted to r/Lubbock about their neighbor who keeps parking on the sidewalk in front of their home. With the photos attached, you can clearly see that the truck is parked right on the sidewalk, making it unusable for anyone walking or biking past the house.

With nearly 100 comments on the original post, many people shared similar experiences with pesky neighbors. Some went to extremes, suggesting the original poster should slash the neighbor's tires, while others wondered if they’d even tried discussing the topic with the neighbor in an attempt to stop the terrible parking job.

The comments that really mattered were the ones that talk about the ordinance in Lubbock that makes it illegal to park on the sidewalk like this truck is doing. In case you weren’t aware, any vehicle in Lubbock that is parked on or blocking a sidewalk can receive a citation without any warning. This is to ensure that the sidewalks remain usable to the public.

S if you see anyone parked on the sidewalk like an idiot, you have every right to call the non-emergency line and have the LPD give that driver a citation. Also, if you're the type of person that thinks it’s okay to park on the sidewalk, think again and start parking on the street like you're supposed to. Nobody likes a prideful neighbor who thinks they can get away with anything and everything, and I guarantee you that you're not immune to a citation.

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