This may sound a little odd, but it's true: everyone has their favorite way to park. Whether you’re the type to spend as long as possible to get a spot close to the storefront, park towards the back to be away from most of the traffic or back into your spot to make it easier when you leave, they're all valid and reasonable methods.

However, there's one way of parking that is highly debated. If you pull into a spot and the stall in front of it is empty, is it OK to pull forward and into the next one? Most everyone would say 'yes,' they absolutely would. Something important to consider is if it's illegal to do so in Texas? I did some research and found some interesting information on the subject.

In short, the answer is no, it's not illegal in Texas to 'pull-through' a parking spot. Most parking lots are private property, meaning that the way people park and anything not permitted is up to the discretion of the company that owns the lot. If there are any signs in the lot that specifically say pulling through a space is prohibited, then you can get in legal trouble for not following the rules on the sign.

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A big reason people encourage not pulling through parking spaces is that it can cause a possible head-on collision. If you're pulling through the space at the same time someone else is pulling into the empty space, then there could be an accident. I think as long as you pull through slowly and make sure to check for any oncoming traffic, it's not that big of a deal. Simply put, drive smart and stay safe.

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