Since the recession I've taken to shopping for bargains, checking prices, going to discount stores and just recently have found a terrific bargain at Dollar General. Now, let me set this up. Santa Claus delivered a gorgeous Cuisinart Coffee/Grinder Maker and every weekday morning I have been mixing half beans, half ground. If you use Starbucks beans and Folgers ground you get a flavorful brew without the full cost. By the way I do save the full bean stuff til Saturdays and Sundays, but who cares? Anyway, yesterday I noticed we were out of ground coffee. So, I stopped at Dollar General to pick up some Folgers. I started comparing prices and realized their Clover Valley coffee sells for a remarkably low price of $1.75 compared to Folgers at over $4 a can! I tried the Clover Valley brand this morning, rather than Folgers, with the higher-priced beans and can't see any difference in taste! Quite a savings! Have you found similar bargains? where? and what?