In the last year, Ronnie Dunn has embarked on a solo career and with songs like "Cost of Livin'", his future is looking good. The song, penned by Phillip Coleman, brings to mind so many people looking for work, with the latest report of 8.6% nationwide. Dunn's song was recently the topic of discussion on "The Doctors" and also "Dr. Phil". You just might want to watch those and the episode of "The Doctors" airs Monday, December 5, with the "Dr. Phil" show set for Tuesday, December 13.

The songwriter, Coleman, says he wrote "Cost of Livin'" years ago and it was shelved so he had to get a regular 'working man's' job. Brooks and Dunn DID look at it, just never recorded it, and then Dunn went solo, and the rest is history. Coleman got another gift recently with Miranda Lambert recording a song he wrote 12 years ago, "All Kinds of Kinds", which she's putting on a new album. Guess "patience" is a true asset for him. Here's Coleman's "Cost of Livin'" done by the terrific Ronnie Dunn.