I have always been amazed at people who are awake during their surgery. One of my in-laws insisted on being awake during his appendectomy! Amazing, huh? Dr. Phil McGraw can top that. Not only was he awake during his vasectomy, but assisted the surgeon! This site shows the benefits Dr. Phil was seeking the the surgery. In an essay he writes for Newsweek he says it remains one of the biggest regrets of his life. The procedure was done when he was in his late twenties, and he and his wife Robin had one child, Jay. So, not wanting any more, the good doctor responded to his friend's phone call. The friend, a surgeon, told him his office was closed but asked him, "Why don't you just come in and take care of the vasectomy?" Phil says "He didn't have a nurse there, so I actually assisted him by handing him the instruments." Realizing his wife wanted more children and he had the procedure prematurely, Dr. Phil compassionately had it reversed. Six weeks later Robin became pregnant with their son, Jordan.