If the fact that Saturday, July 13 is National Pecan Pie Day doesn't get you excited enough, maybe the fact that a pecan pie vending machine exists (and right here in Texas, of course), will.

A pecan farm in Cedar Creek is home to the world's only vending machine distributing whole homemade pecan pies. The owners of Berdoll Pecan Farm said they installed the vending machine to keep up with the demand for their baked daily pies 24/7.

Also available in the vending machine are candy-coated and flavored pecans, but why settle there when you can get an entire delicious pie, even when those late-night cravings kick in and the farm store is closed. Because who hasn't wanted a pecan pie at midnight?

While the origin of National Pecan Pie day remains unknown, we're not about to complain about an excuse to eat pie.

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